Les réalisations de l'Atelier du Mur à l'honneur : Revue de presse juin 2023

The achievements of the Atelier du Mur in the spotlight: Press review June 2023

l'Atelier du Mur, the reference in luxury wallpapers , continues to amaze lovers of design and interior decoration. This month, we are proud to share with you two publications that highlight our world.

The Belgian magazine Villas Decoration , dedicated to architecture, design, decoration and contemporary art, devoted part of its June issue to artistic crafts. In this captivating article, entitled “ Artistic Professions: Golden Hands ”, Villas Decoration celebrates the infinite inventiveness of artistic artisans who reinvent their profession with talent. Some of them collaborate with designers, architects, interior decorators or luxury houses. And among these exceptional craftsmen is Atelier du Mur, with its collections of high-end wallpaper.

Our founder, Solène Eloy , is driven by an overflowing passion for art and design. With her team, she strives to push the boundaries of wallpaper creativity. Each Atelier du Mur collection explores new techniques, skillfully mixing ancient and modern processes, to create unique panoramic works of art that transform your walls into real paintings!

Another publication that caught our attention is an article from the webzine Helloblogzine, entitled " l'Atelier du Mur: Artistic panoramic prints ". This publication follows our meeting with artistic director Anne-Sophie Michat last May, during the production of a video highlighting our workshop . From this meeting was born an article which highlights our high-end wallpaper collections. Helloblogzine, a digital media dedicated to interior decoration enthusiasts , which has captured the very essence of our work: the fusion between art and wall decoration.

At Atelier du Mur , we believe in the importance of telling stories through our creations. Each wallpaper we produce is much more than just a wall covering, it is a true work of art that arouses emotions and transforms the space around it. Our artistic panoramic prints are designed to amaze, captivate and inspire, creating a unique ambiance in every room.
We are proud to see our creations recognized by prestigious publications such as Villas Decoration and Helloblogzine. These publications encourage us to continue our mission of making art accessible to all, by bringing a touch of sophistication and elegance to the most refined interiors.
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