Our Story


Solène Eloy is known for her luxurious and poetic decor created on walls, decorative panels, and furniture coverings.

She founded her workshop in 2010 and renewed herself in 2021 with the development of "Signature" wallpaper.

The desire to transcribe onto walls work resulting from "liquid" techniques that cannot be carried out vertically is at the origin of these artist-signed wallpapers.

Thus, l'Atelier du Mur offers wonderful printed wallpaper decor for individuals or professional decorators.

Our collections.

l'Atelier du Mur created its first line of wallpaper in 2021.

l'Atelier du Mur's panoramic wallpaper reflects landscapes inspired by the mineral world, nature, or elements.

The "Les Dorés" Collection features wallpaper printed on precious gold backgrounds handmade with copper sheets.

The "Les Paysages Singuliers" collection features wallpaper printed on a matte paper that highlights the depth of the colors.

These wallpapers turn your walls into true works of art. New series will regularly complement the collections.