Une rénovation haut de gamme avec l'Atelier du Mur

A high-end renovation with l'Atelier du Mur

Interview with Renin Araci, interior designer from the Real Design Paris agency specializing in the renovation of high-end apartments.

She shares with us her vision for successfully renovating a Haussmann apartment.


Kitchen from the Haussmannian project Real Design Paris


Can you tell us about the initial renovation project for this Haussmannian apartment? What were the main objectives your client wanted to achieve?

Renin Araci (RA): The renovation project was a total transformation of the apartment. Our client aspired to convert three adjoining rooms into an authentic 4-room apartment, including two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Located in a magnificent freestone building, we managed to widen the existing openings and create independent access to a guest bedroom. The objective was to combine the Parisian charm of a pied-à-terre with a high-end rental. We incorporated bespoke elements, distinctive lines and moldings, as well as storage spaces artfully integrated into the interior decoration.

What were your main sources of inspiration for the decoration and interior architecture of this apartment?

RA: The wooden cladding, the rounded lines, and the high ceilings inspired our approach. We have exploited these characteristics to take marble-effect porcelain stoneware out of its usual uses, transforming it into a key decorative element in living rooms. Client inspirations, focused on soft color harmony, also played a crucial role in creating a cohesive space with golden accents.

In a high-end rental apartment, which aspect do you consider the most demanding to master in order to achieve both functionality and aesthetics?

RA: Beautiful and well-organized storage! In Paris, every square meter counts, and buildings often have angles that are difficult to exploit. We use every corner with tailor-made arrangements made by trusted craftsmen and adapted indirect lighting.

Haussmannian project exhibition Real Design Paris













When you approach a project, is there a surprising element that you often add that has the power to really change the dynamic of the space?

RA: Custom-made wall mirrors, panoramic decors , and arched openings. These elements bring a distinctive identity to our projects.

Bedroom from the Haussmannian Real Design Paris project with the Pompons panoramic print

You have chosen panoramic prints from Atelier du Mur for the renovation of the rooms. How did you integrate these high-end elements into the design of this apartment?

RA: From the start of the project, we were seduced by the prints from the Atelier du Mur. Their place was naturally found in sleeping spaces, each telling a unique story and bringing the comfort of a headboard or a painting to the heart of a bed bridge. These prints helped create a special atmosphere in the rooms.

Creation of an Exclusive Landscape by Solène Eloy in her Parisian workshopYellow snow and its artisanal gilding from the Haussmannian project Real Design Paris

Can you tell us more about your discovery of l'Atelier du Mur ? What attracted you to our collections and to Solène Eloy’s style?

RA: Solène represents for us the adventurer in perpetual search of new supports and unique tests. His varied and original styles have been a constant source of inspiration. The new collection, Les Paysages Exclusifs , with elements such as Golden Yellow Snow and Pompons , created a unique connection between the rooms. Our collaboration with the Atelier du Mur began with prints, but we also plan to highlight glasses églomisé made by Solène Eloy in our future projects.

Interview carried out by l'Atelier du Mur team.

Photos ©Claire Buisson

Focus on the Pompons wallpaper referenceFocus on the Neige Jaune wallpaper and its artisanal gilding made by Solène Eloy

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